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YIH is a certified architecting and consulting office based in Saudi Arabia, Al-Khobar City.

YIH was founded in July 2017 as a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm.

The company is driven by an elite of architects and engineers headed by Arch. Yousif Ibarhim AlHamoudi  


Our crux is to create an exceptional vested interest to our clients by presenting architectural & design impactful solutions to strongly foray into the Gulf Market.


Architectural & Design Excellence, respect for the client, inspiration &  innovation, and Strategic Thinking.


Our missions spread out into three main goals. Firstly to achieve creative services that are related to both the design field and engineering and construction fields by implementing evolutionary, automated, and interrelated procedures and considering the client’s vision and environment. Also to have a recognizable design identity and boost the company's reputation as an integrated engineering firm collaborated widely in Saudi Arabia and abroad, which will attract clients from the private and public sections. Finally, to Add special flavor to our services by having top qualities, applying the innovation factor while considering our ethical practice and reasonable profits.

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